MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge

MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge

Cartridge MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement,MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge: Industrial & Scientific.Replacement Cartridge MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01,Millennium-Filters,MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge.

MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge
MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge

Promoting the skills and talents of People with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

Promoting the skills and talents of People with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

Promoting the skills and talents of People with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge

Filter RADWELL VERIFIED SUBSTITUTE 137185213G-SUB Substitute for National Filters 137185213G. Microglass co-Pleated with Water Removal Media Millennium Filters MAIN-FILTER MN-MF0064003 Direct Interchange for MAIN-FILTER-MF0064003. Toppuror CC-16 10-inch 4 in 1 Bio Ceramic Energy Mineral Filter Replacement Water Filter Cartridge for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 9-12 Month Filter. Pressure LINE Hydraulic Filter Cartridge RADWELL VERIFIED SUBSTITUTE 111185972-SUB Filter Replacement for National Filters 111185972 Filter. Sintered Fiber Media Millennium Filters HY-PRO MN-HP33DHL725SFSV Direct Interchange for HY-PRO-HP33DHL725SFSV, Nologo Fit for Quick-Insert Reverse Osmosis Ultrafiltration Membrane Shell with Join, SMC AR20K-N02H-Z Regulator 28 scfm Relieving Type with Backflow Function 1/4 NPT No Gauge 7.25-123 psi Set Pressure Range With Panel Nut. HY-PRO MN-HP28NL9300WB Direct Interchange for HY-PRO-HP28NL9300WB Stainless Steel Millennium Filters, MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge, 3M Purification-Food Service CFS9812ELX-S 5601207 Water Filtration Products Replacement Filter Cartridge Pack of 4, Shockproof Leather Flip Case for iPhone 7 Plus Business Wallet Cover Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone, MAIN-FILTER MN-MF0065107 Direct Interchange for MAIN-FILTER-MF0065107 Sintered Fiber Media Millennium Filters. Carbon Steel Flanged 3/64 Mesh 15-1/2 Length Keckley 52RFY-CS045P34-GBI-SA7-5 Y Strainer. KochTM Filter 102-714-028 High Capacity Ext Surface Multi-Pleat Green 20w X 20h X 4d Merv 13 Lot of 6. Nordic Pure 21x21x1 Exact MERV 10 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters 6 Pack, Cover for iPhone 11 Pro Leather Kickstand Cell Phone case Extra-Shockproof Business Card Holders with Free Waterproof-Bag White1 iPhone 11 Pro Flip Case.0.01 Micron Particulate/0.01 PPM Oil Removal Efficiency 02250153-308 Replacement Filter Element for Sullair SCH1315, MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge.

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Our Skills hub provide support to the service user in improving their quality of life. Our services assist the service user to lead an independent and fulfilling life and helps them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to promote and enhance effective personal support networks. This supports our commitment to helping individuals live safely and independently and be socially included within their local communities.

Our services will support the service user to take greater control of their own lives and encourage them to remain as independent within their own home, residential services and the community and within their chosen way of life. The service user is at the centre of all decisions about how they are supported. Our Skills Hub provides services in such a way that the service user is able to feel secure, confident, and included in all decisions regarding the service provided to them.

Enquiries & Referrals

Contact us for information about a placement

Book an activity

The support we provide is outcome focused with clear aims and objectives.

News & Events

Stay up to date with our latest events and activities

Photo Gallery

A chance to take a look at the facilities and activities that we offer.

Keeping Fit

Physical exercises, dancing, dance stretches, stepping sequences and floor stretching.


Development of communication skills, interaction, learning, listening to music.


Improve cooking skills for a more independent life and hygiene and safety awareness.


Service users explore and develop their creativity and enhance their self-esteem.

Arts & Crafts

Combination of Art and Crafts, cutting, pasting, drawing, painting and collages.


Enjoyment, relaxation, expression and communication through music.

Community Access

We support individuals to access various parts of the community based on their needs, abilities, goals and preferences. This includes public transport use, access to local amenities, involvement in local events, projects and clubs, access to educational, occupational and leisure facilities.

Group Activities

Based on the service user, we encourage group activities/trips so that service users can develop friendships and lead as fulfilling a life as possible. We ensure that when we put individuals in a group it is based on compatibility of needs, abilities, preferences, avoidance of triggers and general practicality.

Open Hours

Our centre opens from 10 am till 4 pm Monday - Saturday. If service users require activities out of these times it can be separately arranged. We want service users to be able to enjoy activities throughout the day and throughout the year.    

MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge

Millennium-Filters,MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge, Filtration, Hydraulic Filtration

Frequency and Duration

Each Service User will have a different level of care service based on their needs, abilities and preferences. We want to ensure that the use of our hub is both enjoyable and beneficial to each service user and this can only be achieved by personalised schedules.    

Personalised Activities

Our activities are personalised based on individual goals and aspirations as well as the realistic goals of the relatives and external care professional team. We take a holistic approach in the activity plans ensuring the physical, spiritual, recreational, occupational and educational aspects of life are fulfilled.


0208 191 9622

Brighter Futures Project Office

9-11 Cornwallis Road, London, SE18 6SW

MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge

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MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge
MP-FILTRI-C2540M60AP01 Replacement Cartridge: Industrial & Scientific.