Our BBC boxes are delivered and are run as a series of weekly tailored online engagement and interaction activities themes to combat and address issues around boredom, the brain and connection.

The activity boxes split into these categories once 3 times a week as well our bespoke customer service course.

Brighter Future Self, Sundays
Self-care and personal development series

This session is a time to unleash the creativity within you.  Here we send you prepared boxes with all the material you will need to participate in the activity. Th boxes include;

  1. An exciting craft-based entertainment/learning experience at home
  2. Live Sessions with printed “How to” guide with visuals enabling you to follow along with a tangible reminder on how to recreate each project.
  3. An experience from the time you receive your personalised and colourful experience package and kit in the post.
  4. Specific pre-measured and packaged ingredients and tools for each practical step, ensuring you are able to follow along with ease.
  5. Choices of colours and fragrances where applicable to add a personal touch to your projects, additional items to recreate for independent learning tasks.
  6. Packaged, prepared and numbered for ease of use
  7. Health and Safety on labels and packaging

Brighter Future Us Wednesdays
Group Therapy - Tea & Chat

This session focuses on communicating how we feel in the present moment. What has happened during the week and just a general chat. In the group we come to the session with our cup of tea or favourite drink ready (in our session in the hub we would make tea or our favourite drink together which is part of the process).  In some sessions we might make the drink together online before the group chat session.

This open and safe space allows the opportunity for interactions on what may be important to each of us in our daily lives. Especially in the current climate where everything counts especially the small things! Tasks set each week to remain positive and get our bodies, minds and souls healthy. So, for example – When we all individually go for a daily walk during the week, the task will be to take a photo each day of something that made us smile, to come back and share what we are grateful for on each walk that we took that week.

This is an opportunity for participants to share their experiences with other people and sometimes to just have a chat.

Each session will address different issues affecting us, a few of the topics include:

  • Dealing with stress, 
  • How to boost self-confidence and 
  • Learning more about how our emotions are presented through our bodies and mind, 
  • Facing your fears
  • Knowing yourself
  • Relaxation techniques and Mindfulness
  • The importance of exercise and healthy eating

Brighter Future We, Fridays
Social – games nights, disco, movie nights

As with all things there must be fun and laugher which we intend to have many on our social evenings.  Our social nights are about connecting with others to have fun, which can be a fun filled night of dancing, or a movie night at our in-house theatre, other evenings include an online social night of games such as Bingo, hangman, online karaoke and much more.  Socials include:

  • Disco night
  • Games Night
  • Karaoke Night
  • Movie Night
  • Theatre Night

Brighter Future Work

Soft skills courses like customer service training & Real work experience

This course has been designed specifically the young people we support in our service by giving them the necessary tools to work towards having fulfilment in all aspects of their life which includes gaining skills to get gainful employment.  The lessons are a combination of classroom working with actual live scenario’s in class and a combination of real-life experience with real companies.  We work on CV creation as well interview preparation and interview practice to get you read for employment. Course topics include

  • The importance of first impressions
  • Communication – Verbal and non-verbal
  • Bad customer service
  • Dealing with unhappy customers
  • CV Writing
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Actual work experience with companies and more.


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