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Our Activities

All our activities are Person Centred and the support we provide is outcome focused with clear aims and objectives. These are measurable and assessed at the end of each term.

The Centre works to a three term year with each Service User having the choice of change to a different group each term. This gives them the flexibility to be able to experience different activities, learn new skills, become more independent and follow new interests.


Making of frames, vases, pots, plaques, jewellery, flowers and other decorative items using clay. To explore and develop their creativity and enhance manual dexterity.


Planning, buying ingredients, preparing, serving and clearing up. Each session has its own pictorial recipe for Service Users to follow easily. Improve cooking skills for a more independent life.


Experience a range of different instruments; percussion, wind, electric keyboard as well as different types of music. Enjoyment, relaxation, expression and communication through music.

Computer skills

Surf the Net for information, use email, print, use of social media, and use specialised software and hardware designed for those with Learning Disabilities. Development of communication skills, interaction, learning, listening to music

Arts & Crafts

Combination of Art and Craft: cutting, pasting, drawing, painting and collage. Development of artistic skills using a range of materials and equipment. Learn to work alone and in a group collectively to achieve a task.

Keep Fit

Physical exercises, dancing-stepping sequences, floor stretching. Tutor-led classes to increase mobility, muscle tone and overall physical wellbeing. To develop motor skills and coordination.


Opportunity to explore and address issues, to act, to sing and to dance. Explore feelings, to work in a group, to perform to audiences, thereby gaining personal satisfaction, improving communications skills and building confidence.


To provide an environment that will stimulate the sensory reception, i.e. smell, light, sound and touch. To enhance relaxation through stimulation and the experiencing of different sensations.


Sewing, Discussion Group & Current Affairs, Bingo, Hair and Beauty (pampering sessions), Board and Card Games, Massage Therapy, Reading and Writing, Modelling, Construction Activities, Puzzles, Sports. Community based activities: Library, Shopping, travelling, Cycling, Outings, Bowling, Leisure Centre

There will also be opportunities for the day trips

(this will be at an additional cost)

Cinema / Theatre trip
Disco / Karaoke
Bob sleighing /
Indoor Ski trips
Museum Visits
Boat Trips
OT Sessions
Parent sessions
Grocery Shopping
Travel Training